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Why StarNapp?

A Nautical company requires managing many tasks at the same time: moorings, repairs, stock, billing, purchases... Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are wasting your time on totally unproductive tasks? Do you want to improve and accelerate communications with your customers and suppliers? Do you think there are many tasks that you could automate? So have we and, for this reason, we have created StarNapp, the ERP software specialized in the nautical sector.


Are you wasting too much time on tasks without any added value? Stop investing time in procedures that can be automated with a single click.


At a glance, you'll have full control of your nautical workshop. Status of repairs, time records, worker parts, task planning... Nothing will be overlooked!

Mobility and communication

Information available when you need it, where you need it. Through our app, you can connect from anywhere in the world and access all your company information.


You'll be able to quickly set up invoices, quotes, delivery notes, electronically sign documents, manage documentation and much more.


Manage orders, stock, delivery notes and keep your supplies always up to date.


With sales, integrate your workshop and office work to quickly set up invoices, quotes, etc.

Manage your time effectively

Spend time on productive activities and let StarNapp manage all the processes that can be automated for you. Stop wasting time on tasks that don't bring any added value to your work or that of your employees.

Enjoy a platform that allows you to manage your company's activities in an agile and dynamic way, so that you can react quickly to all the unforeseen events that arise in the daily boating activity.

Working orders

Total control of the projects

In a single click you will have control of all your nautical company's activities: the hours of your workers, the progress of tasks on each vessel, material records, customer balances and much more. A click that saves you time and money. See all the changes in your company instantly, without having to be present and keep the customer informed of the evolution of the work.

A nautical management program for the continuous improvement

Take control of your company with a real-time view of your team, your work and your billing.

Eliminate all the jobs that only generate unproductive costs to your company.

A 360º view from anywhere, at any time, without worrying about any type of infrastructure.

Your compnay accessible from wherever you want, whenever you want

Check the status of your activities and those of your company from any web browser anywhere in the world or from the StarNapp mobile application, downloadable for free from the official Apple and Android stores.

Forget about having to manage your own servers or remote access, with the enormous cost that this entails. We make sure that all the information is accessible when you need it at no additional cost.

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Invoice creation

A nautical management software adapted to your needs

The problem with many programs is that we live in a state of continuous progress in new technologies. There are constantly new updates that can hinder its operation, and sometimes make it difficult to work with it.

On the other hand, each company is unique. So is every nautical workshop. Our challenge has been to create a comprehensive nautical management software that is at the same time adapted to the needs of each company. You'll see that, thanks to the initial customization and configuration options, your daily work will be easier and easier.

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